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Sunday, 16 September 2012 10:19

Ads Your Visitors Want To See

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There's nothing worse than irrelevant ads on a website. Out of place ads clutter pages, and disrupt the flow of your content. Users ignore these creatives and may even bounce because of them. BitcoinAdSmarts's Contextual product solution will never let nonsensical ads eat up your valuable web real estate!

The Contextual Algorithm

Most advertising networks don't go out of their way to accommodate Publishers. BitcoinAdSmart is more than a source of extra income; we understand your needs as well as those of your visitors. We believe that ads should add value to your site, not subtract or distract. The only way to ensure that ads serve their intended purpose is to choose the right ads for each Publisher's page(s). Our Contextual content matching system incorporates several variables, including keywords and theme, for maximum relevance.

Publisher Perks

Joining the BitcoinAdSmart Contextual network is as easy as filling out a brief form. There are no introductory fees, so you'll start making money with the first click. Our interactive widgets pack tons of user-friendly features into a compact package, such as search bars, entertainment, and full customization. We give you the ability to change an ad's color, size, or level of transparency. You also choose how many ads appear on specific pages. You may decide to retain a few ad-free pages, or monetize your entire site. With the highest revenue sharing agreement in the industry, you'll be able to increase your profit margin by tailoring your content to suit our most popular banners.

Monday, 03 September 2012 06:02

Publishers Reporting Channels

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BitcoinAdSmart Publisher Reporting Channels feature provides publishers a deep level of analysis not available through standard reports.

Through the use of the Publisher Reporting Channels feature, publishers can assign a combination of ad panel or page specific ID's for extended reporting. With the extended information, publishers gain insight as to what performs best, and what doesn't. For example, your publisher can compare the performance of a red leaderboard versus a blue leaderboard on a specific area of their site. Through Publisher Reporting Channels, publishers can determine which color provides the best yield by performing A/B or split testing. Publishers with multiple domains can track performance within each domain in addition to being able to create specific ID's for various portions of their sites.

With an unlimited number of Publisher Reporting Channels available to each publisher, our publishers now have the tools to gain the insight to optimize performance, become a publisher today.


Saturday, 01 September 2012 04:16

Monetize your Traffic with BitcoinAdSmart

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Turn any content you are creating into cash: websites, blogs, tweets, forum posts, torrents, images etc. Setup text or text-banner ads depending on your target audience using BitcoinAdSmart, become a publisher today!

The ability to create a web site or blog and know how to make the most out of your traffic is an art in itself. Every type of web site has it’s own type of traffic. What are visitors to your web site looking to accomplish? As the owner of a web site or blog, it’s not only important to know what your audience is looking for, but also how you can make the most money out of your traffic, while also providing quality content. 

Just like all web sites are not the same, neither are the ways we generate traffic with our sites. From Amazon’s associate program, to Google Adsense to Contextual Advertising using yourself as a person brand, your options for generating revenue are limitless. The mindset you should have, is to continually try different methods and see what works best for you, while also keeping your user experience in mind.

Here at BitcoinAdSmart we offer Contextual advertising, which is quite interesting. From a webmaster and internet marketing stand point, we already know what links and advertisements look like, so we are more likely to avoid clicking on links. However, when the links are relavent to the information or review on the web site, people love these links and find them very useful.

What this means for publisher is more profit. Higer click through rates will help maximize the monetization you receive on your content. BitcoinAdSmart allows you to display ads that are relevant to your site, thus increasing CTR.


Saturday, 01 September 2012 03:51

Become a Publisher

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Do you have traffic to monetize? Become a Publisher for BitcoinAdSmart. We will provide you with relevant ads that will appeal to your site's users thus increasing CTR and your profits. 

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular today. It’s a great medium for interacting with people online and it can forge relationships. By writing useful and high-quality content regularly and sharing that valuable information with your readers, you’re building a rapport with them. Always welcome their opinion and let them share their opinions and experiences.

This ongoing rapport eventually builds trust with them and as you might know, when people trust you, they are more prone to buy from you. By using the blogging platform to bring your readers to your blog again and again, you can eventually monetize on that traffic effectively.

Make use of advertising networks like BitcoinAdSmart to monetize your traffic with some ads. Place the ads in a prominent area and don’t hide them. The large square ads are some of the most effective. Blending the ads has also proven to work well.