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Sunday, 16 September 2012 10:19

Ads Your Visitors Want To See

There's nothing worse than irrelevant ads on a website. Out of place ads clutter pages, and disrupt the flow of your content. Users ignore these creatives and may even bounce because of them. BitcoinAdSmarts's Contextual product solution will never let nonsensical ads eat up your valuable web real estate!

The Contextual Algorithm

Most advertising networks don't go out of their way to accommodate Publishers. BitcoinAdSmart is more than a source of extra income; we understand your needs as well as those of your visitors. We believe that ads should add value to your site, not subtract or distract. The only way to ensure that ads serve their intended purpose is to choose the right ads for each Publisher's page(s). Our Contextual content matching system incorporates several variables, including keywords and theme, for maximum relevance.

Publisher Perks

Joining the BitcoinAdSmart Contextual network is as easy as filling out a brief form. There are no introductory fees, so you'll start making money with the first click. Our interactive widgets pack tons of user-friendly features into a compact package, such as search bars, entertainment, and full customization. We give you the ability to change an ad's color, size, or level of transparency. You also choose how many ads appear on specific pages. You may decide to retain a few ad-free pages, or monetize your entire site. With the highest revenue sharing agreement in the industry, you'll be able to increase your profit margin by tailoring your content to suit our most popular banners.

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