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Monday, 03 September 2012 06:02

Publishers Reporting Channels


BitcoinAdSmart Publisher Reporting Channels feature provides publishers a deep level of analysis not available through standard reports.

Through the use of the Publisher Reporting Channels feature, publishers can assign a combination of ad panel or page specific ID's for extended reporting. With the extended information, publishers gain insight as to what performs best, and what doesn't. For example, your publisher can compare the performance of a red leaderboard versus a blue leaderboard on a specific area of their site. Through Publisher Reporting Channels, publishers can determine which color provides the best yield by performing A/B or split testing. Publishers with multiple domains can track performance within each domain in addition to being able to create specific ID's for various portions of their sites.

With an unlimited number of Publisher Reporting Channels available to each publisher, our publishers now have the tools to gain the insight to optimize performance, become a publisher today.


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