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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 00:08

The New Bitcoin Advertiser on the Block

BitcoinAdSmart is the newest Bitcoin advertising service on the block. BitcoinAdSmart officially launched on September 1st 2012. BitcoinAdSmart provides the most fully intuitive bitcoin advertising service available. We use Bitcoin publishers in addition to regular publishers. We accept payment in Bitcoins, Paypal and all sorts of major credit/debit cards. We offer various payout methods to publishers, namely bitcoin and paypal. To provide qualified advertisement(s) for any given request, the BitcoinAdSmart engine applies a proprietary Yield Optimisation Formula to look for the appropriate rank and price for every advertisement. Our formula views factors for  relevancy focusing on match, keyword match type, qualified filter criteria, historic earnings, current bid amount, and much more to determine which advertisement is publisher where, and what it ought to cost. Make the most of our specific advertisements and relevant traffic, become an advertiser or perhaps a bitcoin publisher today!

The end result: Elevated revenue for publishers together with elevated performance for advertisers.

Your typical ad server provides ads according to pre-selected filters for example, Content Funnel Matching, and/or Date Arranging.  While these filters are essential and typical, advertisers want, and need, more focus on control. BitcoinAdSmart is the first bitcoin ad server to provide intelligent keyword driven ad serving.

In present day with demanding on-line marketing efforts, advertising relevance is becoming one of the most important elements for advertisers and also publishers.  Advertisers get elevated traffic from interested, motivated, and highly specific, site visitors. At the same time publishers can also enjoy a rise in advertising revenue because of the greater click-through rate.

What distinguishes BitcoinAdSmart from the simple keyword ad servers who focus on techniques typically present in other advertising items, is our proprietary contextual engine.  With BitcoinAdSmart, publishers no longer need to specify relevant key phrases for every page on which they include advertisements. Rather, our proprietary contextual engine finds relevant key phrases in the page content, matches individuals key phrases with the available advertisements, which provides matching advertisements.  Mixing our proprietary contextual  engine with content channels, GeoIP restriction/inlcusion, and ranking, bitcoin advertisers  along with other advertisers can also enjoy an elevated amount of conversions.

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Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:42

What Makes BitcoinAdSmart Special?

To deliver qualified advertisement(s) for a given request, the BitcoinAdSmart applies a proprietary Yield Optimization Algorithm to determine the appropriate rank and cost for each advertisement. Our algorithm considers factors such as relevancy, targeting match, keyword match type, qualified filter criteria, historical earnings, current bid amount, and more to determine what advertisement is qualified to be shown, where (rank), and what it should be billed.

The result: Increased revenue for publishers along with increased performance for advertisers.

Your typical ad server delivers advertisements based on pre-selected filters such as Geographical Targeting, Content Channel Matching, Keyword Matching, and/or Date Scheduling.  While these filters are needed and considered a norm, advertisers want, and need, more targeting control.

In today's demanding on-line marketing efforts, advertising relevance has become one of the most important factors for both the advertiser and the publisher.  Advertisers can experience increased traffic from interested, motivated, and highly targeted, visitors, while publishers can enjoy an increase in advertising revenue thanks to the higher click-through rate.

What differentiates BitcoinAdSmart from the simple keyword targeting methods typically found in other advertising products available today is our proprietary contextual targeting engine.  With BitcoinAdSmart, publishers no longer have to manually specify relevant keywords for each page that include ads. Instead, our proprietary contextual targeting engine finds relevant keywords from the page content, matches those keywords to the available ads, and then delivers matching ads.  Combining our proprietary contextual targeting engine with content channels, geographical targeting, and scheduling, advertisers can enjoy an increased volume of conversions.

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Saturday, 01 September 2012 03:52

Effective Advertising

For ad copy to convert readers to visitors, it must grab the reader's attention. Whether it's a print ad in a magazine, a pay per click (PPC) ad on a Web page, or a sponsored listing on a search engine results page (SERP), your message must call out to the person reading it. You may be advertising in the right place at the right time, however, without the right message, you will have a problem. If you're not appealing directly to the person who is reading your ad, you risk them seeing it without realizing how it relates to them.

If the ad is a PPC ad, your potential customer has executed a search and is looking for something specific. If you write your PPC creatives to speak directly to them, there's a better chance they will click on your pay per click advertisment and visit your Web site.

So what characteristics do you look to include when writing ad copy for a PPC search engine marketing campaign?

First, be sure to use your keywords in your title and even in the description when you can. If possible, start your title with the keyword or keyword phrase. For the description, understand that people want to accomplish or learn something, be entertained or take advantage of an offer. People are motivated by fear, money, hope, lust, despair, health, safety, education, appearance, status etc. (Although maybe not all at the same time!) You will want to include a reason for someone to choose to respond to your PPC ad and take action. Care about their problem and create an emotional statement using action oriented language. Remember W.I.I.F.M. What's in it for me?

For example, perhaps you are offering a health resort vacation package. You might appeal to potential customers about the opportunity to get in shape and improve their appearances. Or maybe they just need a vacation from the daily stress of home and work. Appeal to their wants and needs and they'll be enticed to click-through.

Your pay per click ads might look something like this:


Health Resort Special

Relax, Rejuvenate & Meditate.

Join us for a wellness stay.


Vacation Get-away

Pamper Yourself & Relax.

Join us for a stress-free stay.


Beach Vacation Rentals

Stressed, tired, need to escape?

Feel your cares melt away...


Health Resort Vacation

Get in shape today at our

private paradise vacation getaway.

However, well written ads are only part of an effective pay per click search engine marketing campaign. Once your PPC creatives persuade a searcher to click, your landing page must now convert them. It should look professional and above all offer them what they were looking for in the first place. They will be more likely to convert into a customer or a lead if the page they go to gives them exactly what they were looking for.

Appeal directly to your target audience with both your PPC ad and your landing pages and you will experience greater quality visitors and better conversions.

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