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Monday, 03 September 2012 05:37

Contextual Indexing Process

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Delivering advertisements over a network of partner sites introduces an extensive list of challenges. As trivial as delivering a simple text-ad may seem, a large number of factors determine what ad is delivered: content match, keyword or phrase match, available account balance, country targeting, bid amount, click validation, and more.

The Indexing Process

The BitcoinAdSmart engine processes pages based on certain requirements. Some important information regarding this process:

  • Only pages where an ad code has been inserted will be indexed.
  • A page that has ad code inserted is added to a list of pages to be indexed by the BitcoinAdSmart Ad Spider. The background process indexes the provided URL’s later. We do not index pages in real-time when ads are delivered.
  • Pages are indexed in batches and not in real-time.
  • Indexing of new pages typically occurs in five minutes from being discovered, but can take up to 72 hours depending on load.
  • The BitcoinAdSmart engine uses a two stage approach to locate ad matches. At the first stage, a pre-scan occurs before the page has been indexed by the Ad Spider. The second stage occurs after the Ad Spider has indexed the page. Relevancy of the delivered ads improves after the second stage.
  • A page will be re-indexed and re-optimized every 72 hours. If a page is indexed now, and new ads are added to the system with a new set of keywords and phrases after the page has been indexed, it may take up to 72 hours for those ads to appear with the new keyword set provided. This is part of the optimization routine.
Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:42

What Makes BitcoinAdSmart Special?

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To deliver qualified advertisement(s) for a given request, the BitcoinAdSmart applies a proprietary Yield Optimization Algorithm to determine the appropriate rank and cost for each advertisement. Our algorithm considers factors such as relevancy, targeting match, keyword match type, qualified filter criteria, historical earnings, current bid amount, and more to determine what advertisement is qualified to be shown, where (rank), and what it should be billed.

The result: Increased revenue for publishers along with increased performance for advertisers.

Your typical ad server delivers advertisements based on pre-selected filters such as Geographical Targeting, Content Channel Matching, Keyword Matching, and/or Date Scheduling.  While these filters are needed and considered a norm, advertisers want, and need, more targeting control.

In today's demanding on-line marketing efforts, advertising relevance has become one of the most important factors for both the advertiser and the publisher.  Advertisers can experience increased traffic from interested, motivated, and highly targeted, visitors, while publishers can enjoy an increase in advertising revenue thanks to the higher click-through rate.

What differentiates BitcoinAdSmart from the simple keyword targeting methods typically found in other advertising products available today is our proprietary contextual targeting engine.  With BitcoinAdSmart, publishers no longer have to manually specify relevant keywords for each page that include ads. Instead, our proprietary contextual targeting engine finds relevant keywords from the page content, matches those keywords to the available ads, and then delivers matching ads.  Combining our proprietary contextual targeting engine with content channels, geographical targeting, and scheduling, advertisers can enjoy an increased volume of conversions.