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Sunday, 02 September 2012 09:03

Fraudulent Click Protection by BitcoinAdSmart

The Challenge: Invalid Clicks and Click Fraud

The largest threat to any Pay-per-Click advertiser is the potential for a high volume of invalid clicks, commonly referred to as Click Fraud. Click Fraud can be as small as a single user clicking on ads all day, to a large scale attack by a network of computers. If left unchecked, this type of activity will destroy the integrity of any Pay-per-Click advertising campaign. Become a BitcoinAdSmart Advertiser today and get quality traffic.

The Solution: Click Definition Services by BitcoinAdSmart

Today's fraudsters are becoming more and more advanced in the tactics used to generate invalid impressions and clicks. Because of how quickly new threats are discovered, we have developed a proactive approach to defend your network, our exclusive Click Definition Service. The end result: increased protection of your campaigns integrity and quality. 

Why do we provide such a service? Because we believe advertisers should get what they pay for, real results. After all, our success is due to yours.

Why: High Quality Traffic

By delivering better quality traffic, our advertisers are not only going to continue advertising with our network, but are apt to increase their bid amounts. Click Definition Service, a BitcoinAdSmart exclusive, designed to improve our advertiser's bottom line.

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Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:42

What Makes BitcoinAdSmart Special?

To deliver qualified advertisement(s) for a given request, the BitcoinAdSmart applies a proprietary Yield Optimization Algorithm to determine the appropriate rank and cost for each advertisement. Our algorithm considers factors such as relevancy, targeting match, keyword match type, qualified filter criteria, historical earnings, current bid amount, and more to determine what advertisement is qualified to be shown, where (rank), and what it should be billed.

The result: Increased revenue for publishers along with increased performance for advertisers.

Your typical ad server delivers advertisements based on pre-selected filters such as Geographical Targeting, Content Channel Matching, Keyword Matching, and/or Date Scheduling.  While these filters are needed and considered a norm, advertisers want, and need, more targeting control.

In today's demanding on-line marketing efforts, advertising relevance has become one of the most important factors for both the advertiser and the publisher.  Advertisers can experience increased traffic from interested, motivated, and highly targeted, visitors, while publishers can enjoy an increase in advertising revenue thanks to the higher click-through rate.

What differentiates BitcoinAdSmart from the simple keyword targeting methods typically found in other advertising products available today is our proprietary contextual targeting engine.  With BitcoinAdSmart, publishers no longer have to manually specify relevant keywords for each page that include ads. Instead, our proprietary contextual targeting engine finds relevant keywords from the page content, matches those keywords to the available ads, and then delivers matching ads.  Combining our proprietary contextual targeting engine with content channels, geographical targeting, and scheduling, advertisers can enjoy an increased volume of conversions.

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